Why I am here ? Why I exist ? Why I will die ? What it is the meaning of each life ? questions that have been asked by humans like you and me since the beginning. Many people claimed to have answers while few was able to reach the truth. Those few special people have had the book.
We all gave meanings to our lives some people  want to be rich, other want to be famous. It's seems that the goal of  each life is to succeed and get consideration from other humans. But is this the really the meaning of life ? others will say money , fame and power are nothing the real meaning of life is to be respectful , helpful, kind, honest,  loving.... But why will you be like this if you are going to die sooner or later. Your life is so short you can not wast your time being kind will other are not. I think that before asking our self about the meaning of life we need to understand why we need this answer. We need it because we all die, and we do not know any human that have escaped this fatality. You ask your self about the meaning of life because you know that you will die and you are afraid and you can do nothing about it.
Those few people that have been able to answer meaning of life question  were  unable to tell anyone the total truth they gave us only pieces of answers. This is because there is no one that can tell you about the meaning of life you need to get by your self by your experience.  The answer exist I wish every one good luck finding  it