Definiton & Conception of octet stream

How to open octet stream file ?
Sometimes you face an unknown type of file , when you have the intention of downloading an MP3 or a PDF file ! So you open the file and it's not working on any file reader on your desktop. Then it's not as simple as that, the error you will face while opening the file is : "The type of file is : application/octet stream and Microsoft windows doesn't support it"


instructions to read the octet stream file

simply, the file has no extension so as the easiest way to open the file I suggest :
to right-click/rename ; and change the suffix to .AVI(Point AVI) and the Windows Player or VLC or any other player would take care of the rest.

if that doesn't work

Observe the file,mostly octet stream file's extensions are : .Pdf, .Exe or .Mp3. So try to name the extension as it's supposed to be served if it has no extension.
For example if you got a file from a friend and it's supposed to be a song, you have to change the type of the file to
.Mp3, .Wav or .Wma


1.Right click
2.Open with
3.1.Select the program that you find suitable for the type of file, if it's a PDF file then you have to choose:
-Adobe PDF reader
-Foxit reader
3.1'.if it's a Music file then you have to choose:
-Media Windows Player
-VLC Player