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Internet Speed converter ... kbps to mbps ?. how many Megabit and Megabyte per second MBps,
how many kilobit or kilobyte per second MBps
The internet speed known also as the bandwidth which means the quantity of data that you can receive (downlaod) or transmit (uplaod) in a second.
More the data is bigger better the connexion is. To mesure this we have a metric:
data in bit or Byte and time in second.
The metric will be Bit per second (bps) or Byte per second (Bps) Note that B upper case stands for Byte.
So 8Mbps would be a speed of 8 mega bit per second equivalent to 1 MBps 1 mega Byte per second.

first you need to know that:

Byte = 8 Bits

Byte Converter


Kilobit per sec (Kbps)
Megabit per sec (Mbps)
Gigabit per sec (Gbps)

Kilobyte per sec (KBps)
Megabyte per sec (MBps)
Gigabyte per sec (GBps)


We must differentiate between Kilobits per second (Kbps) with a lowercase b and Kilobyte per second (KBps) with a capital letter b

1 Megabit per sec ( Mbps ) = 1 024 Kilobit per sec (Kbps)
1 Gigabit per sec ( Gbps ) = 1 024 Mbps = 1 048 576 Kbps
1 Kilobyte per sec ( KBps ) = 8 Kbps
1 Megabyte per sec ( MBps ) = 1 024 KBps = 8192 Kbps
1 Gigabyte per sec ( GBps) = 1 024 MBps = 8 388 608 Kbps


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