liter Ounce Gallon Converter

L, Oz, Gal, mL, cL, dL m3

You're lost between the EUROPEAN and U.S measurement standard .! ... Not anymore ... Form now use this converter: ounce (oz) gallon (Gal), L (liter), mL (milliliter), cubic meter

All conversion formulas below

Oz liter conversion, Gal Oz Conversion, Convert liter cubic meter ...


Ounce (Oz)
Gallon (Gal)
Milliliter (mL)
Centiliter (cL)
Deciliter (dL)
liter (L)
Meter cubic (m3)

Les formules c'est simple !!!!!

1 Ounce (Oz) = 0.0295735296 liter
1 Gallon (Gal)= 3.78541178 liter
1 Milliliter (ml) = 0.001 liter
1 Centiliter (cL) = 0.01liter
1 Deciliter (dL) =0.1 liter
1 Meter cubic (m3) = 1000 liter



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